#IWillWhatIWant Does Chicago

Twitter is a fabulous thing. It often helps me find new, fun things to do, meet great people, and sometimes a outlet to vent.

Last weekend I skipped my usual Saturday morning park workout to join in on one of the fun things I learned about from Twitter.


The Under Armour team brought their #IWillWhatIWant campaign to Chicago for a gorgeous saturday morning of sweat, inspiration, fresh juice, and fashion.

The SetUp
Upon arrival to Soldier Field, you entered a reformed East Lawn that was transformed into a motivating, invigorating outside fitness experience.


Upon checking in, we all received an awesome Under Armour #IWillWhatIWant tank, and they pointed out where to pick up water, smoothies, fresh pressed juice, and egg sandwiches.


They also had a set to film your own #IWillWhatIWant story, and a store where you could buy the new Under Armour Women’s line.


The Workout
Before I knew it, the workout was getting started.

It was broken up into 5 parts:
– Two warm up tabata routines with some local trainers. It was more high knees, fast feet, and squats than most of us were ready to do!
– Two bootcamp style workouts with Under Armour superstar trainers Shauna Harrison and Curtis Williams. They kicked my butt! Burpees, inch worms, squat jumps, and basically everything that makes you pour sweat and utter a few curse words.

Shauna Harrison leading us from stage.
– And we finished up with a yoga sequence with Shauna. It was a welcomed chance to cool down, stretch out, and finish strong.

When I totaled it up, it was about 700 calories worth of workout. It was tough, but with high energy music, bright sun, and constant motivation, it was a great day!


After the workouts finished, I grabbed some fresh pressed watermelon juice, some coconut water, and hit up the store.

I ordered a couple of new sports bras that arrived this week, and I’m in love.

All in all, it was a fabulous event, and I hope they’ll bring back similar events this fall.

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