Challenge Accepted

No, this post doesn’t have anything to do with a bucketful of ice water. 

At the beginning of the month I laid out my goals for August. Now that I’m two weeks into the month, it’s time for a little update on how this challenge has gone even further. 

It’s been no secret, that since spring, I’ve struggled staying on track with eating healthy, correct portion sizes, and sticking to any workout plan or training. After a conversation with one of my favorite people in the world yesterday, I realized I’ve been open, but not fully transparent. In the last 6 months, I’ve gained and lost, and when I started my last Shred with Bobbi in July, I’d reached a number I swore I’d never see again. It was humbling to see race pictures of myself in Napa and almost not recognize my body. I hated it.

In mid-July, a friend from Philly reached out and asked if I’d be interested in trying something different. I heard her out, and ordered a Beachbody Challenge Pack of PiYo and Vegan Shakeology.  I committed to working hard, focusing on what I was putting in my body, and staying on track through her challenge group.

In the first week I lost 3.5 inches, with an inch of that being in my waist.  I had only lost a little over a pound, but seeing results through pictures and measurements was enough to convince me.  Additionally, I had energy I hadn’t felt in years.  I tweeted out one day how much I missed my afternoon coffee, because I just didn’t need it.

I’m so excited about my results so far, I already ordered the T25 Challenge pack (it’s an August Challenge Sale pick, so you save $95!), and signed up to be a Coach

TBB_blueIt will not be a huge part of my life or my blog, because my day job keeps me plenty busy, but if I can help a few other people find the motivation to make a change, or find something new to keep them fit and healthy, then I want to help

I’m excited to continue to challenge myself, and hopefully help others do the same. And, of course, I will keep you all up to date on how I’m progressing:)

5 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

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  2. Kristine @ Pink Cupcake Runs

    I signed up to be a coach last week, too! However, I’m lost with how to begin trying to sell it without being “salesy”. I love Shakeology and the energy it gives me; I didn’t think I would! I just ordered PiYo and am excited for it to get here!!

  3. Good for you! I know when I don’t eat spot on and don’t work out as much, well, I feel like poop (this weekend is a prime example of that). I have heard that Beachbody users have had great results and am seeing a lot of folks on my FB feed sign on for it. Can’t wait to hear about your results. 🙂

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