Staying on track: When life gets tough, get tougher

Life throws curveballs to keep us on our toes, although sometimes it can feel more like holding onto a very small flotation device intone middle of massive waves.

When you’re working on changing the way you live your life, even small changes to your plan can throw you off balance. Your willpower gets tested, your desire to succeed starts to dim, and curling up on the couch, or enjoying a couple of extra glasses of wine at happy hour.

This week I was tested. I found myself in a crappy mood, and wanting to eat everything in the world. This wasn’t something I’ve dealt with since I started using Shakeology. I thought I was done with this!

But, as I’ve looked back on my week, I realized this is life. No matter how healthy you are, until you change your way of thinking, this will always be there. You’ll always find something that pushes you to think about leaving your journey, or at least pushing it aside for a day or a weekend.

I stayed strong. I never turned to unhealthy food. Did I have more fat in my diet from eating almonds and Chia Bars? Yes. Would I rather that than making and eating a pan of brownies? Yes.

My favorite flavor!

In the evenings, I turned to bing cherries, one of my favorite sweet snacks, and mugs of Peppermint Chocolate which helped to keep me feeling full and happy.

I know there will always be days, or weeks, that I want to revert to my old ways, and staying focused on my goal of getting back to a healthier version of me is what I need to do.

What’s your go-to healthy snack at work? At home?
What helps you stay focused?
Have you ever tried a Chia Bar?

3 thoughts on “Staying on track: When life gets tough, get tougher

  1. I love chia seeds. I have never tried a chia bar though. One thing I hate being in Aus is we don’t get as cool as food as you guys get, however it is getting better.

    I try not to snack, but if I do need a snack, I like my protien like homemade jerky or hard boiled eggs.

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