The Mid-West Spirit

Yesterday I went for my first weekend run in a while. It was at high noon, it was in the 80s and the sun couldn’t make up its mind whether it would stay out or hide behind clouds that were threatening a storm.

I brought a water bottle filled with Lemon-Lime Nuun (a flavor it took me a while to love, but is now my fav for runs), and knew I was a little dehydrated when I headed out.

It was hot. Really hot. And although I loved being out and running, it was tough. Way tougher than I’d hoped it would be, although it reminded me that you have to work for the power to come back.

Along Lake Michigan on the way back home, a guy came up behind me, and as he passed he said “you’re doing great, keep going!”. I smiled, and kept slogging on.

Another mile later, almost home, one of they kayak guides headed onto the river gave me two thumbs up. As much as I’ve loved the places I’ve been fortunate to run, including some of my favorite regular runs like The Schuylkill in Philly, West Side Highway in New York, The Reservoirs in West Hartford, and the Greenway in Birmingham, I don’t think anyone has ever rooted me on during a regular run.

It’s kind of incredible that this seemed extraordinary to me. The running community is so wonderful, but why only during races? I love Chicago and the honestly nice people who exist here.


Have you ever cheered someone along when they’re just out for a run?
Has anyone ever cheered you on outside of a race?
Favorite running spot?

4 thoughts on “The Mid-West Spirit

  1. I usually always nod to other runners I past by.
    Today I didn’t pass any runners on my trail run, but I did pass a group of school boys on a camp having lunch at the top of the hill. Still said hello as I ran right through, I think they got a shock to see a girl out running a trail.

  2. Midwestern niceness indeed. Once in Costa Rica my bf and I cheered for a local guy who was out doing his training run. He was working hard on a hot and humid day, just running laps that included a hill.

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