September Goals: Believe You Can & You Will

August was a great month, even though I didn’t hit all of my goals, I’m still very excited about the progress I made.

As a recap, here’s what I set out to do with August:
August Goals:
– Work out 5 days a week – Stuck with it! I switched and workouts up a bit most weeks, but the fact is, that I did it.
– Do yoga once a week – I only got out to one normal yoga class, but most of my workouts were PiYo, so I did lots of yoga!
– Reach 84,000 steps each week – This one was a loss. I found myself running late a lot, so my usual walks to work and home just didn’t happen as often.
– Limit myself to1 treat a week – Yes, and it was usually wine 😊

I am still super excited about the progress I made during the 21 Day Challenge Group, and am ready to continue that progress after a rough week this past week. I have a a challenge group coming up with my friend Jillian, if you’re interested in joining let me know!

September brings a Girls trip with my friend Melinda, Fall, shorter days, and cooler weather. I’m excited to continue to feel more settled in my new home, hopefully make some new friends, and enjoy what’s left of summer days.

September Goals
1) Workout 5 days a week
2) Get back to 84,000 steps per week
3) Maintain once a week treats
4) Run at least 3 times per week
5) Get the rest of my art & photos up on my walls
6) Journal 3 times a week
7) Do 1 DIY project

I think these are completely doable, and will check in periodically.

What are your goals this month?
Any races on your calendar?
Favorite DIY project?

4 thoughts on “September Goals: Believe You Can & You Will

  1. Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections

    WOW! What results girl! Congrats to you. I can totally see the difference!

    I really need to set some goals for September. My August was crazy and I let that be my excuse for working out and eating well getting jumbled up. I have a race in October (half marathon) and really need to get my butt in gear for it!

  2. I’m going on holidays 20th September, so I’ve decided to run 3km every day while on holidays. It will my my longest runners streak, fingers cross I can do it.
    No races this month, I have one in October & November, and that’s it for the year.
    Love diy projects, building our fence was a diy, and I had a ball.

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