Making Time to Restore Your Fuel, and Treat Yo Self

For years, I believed in the “using only a few vacation days a year” is okay mantra. I worked hard. I did well. I got close to burning out, and then took an opportunity that changed the way I looked at it.

After realizing that the world will not, in fact, end if I am out of the office, and don’t respond to emails within an hour, or even a day, my approach to work and life changed. While I’m still not sure I will use all 28 of my PTO days this year, I do not feel bad about the fact that I’m taking a long weekend to enjoy the beach, the spa, and a dear friend.

That’s right, it’s Treat Yo Self weekend!

I’m excited for some relaxation, a ton of reading, and getting sweaty in that south Florida heat.

Chalene gets it perfectly here, time for a little restoring of my body, mind and soul!

Do you use all of your vacation or sick time each year?
When was the last time you participated inTreat Yo Self day?
If you could have any spa treatment, what would it be?

3 thoughts on “Making Time to Restore Your Fuel, and Treat Yo Self

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    Just got a massage yesterday after DDD. But it was somewhat painful because I was so knotted up. Ooooof! So it was a treat… sorta?

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