It’s All Coming Back, all Coming Back to me Now

After 2 years of basically no breaks in training, I lost my running mojo this summer. On top of taking on a big new job, moving to a new city, the idea of training or even just running felt like a chore. For something that soothes me, and is like my church, therapist, and a drug all in one, it made me sad.

I’ve already found a coach to help me prepare for spring races, but had been so lackluster about running regularly I was questioning whether I should even register for a race, or get serious about training again.

When I packed for my trip, I packed a ton of workout clothes, with the goal of running most days. I brought PiYo in case I could get a DVD player from the hotel, but wanted to get myself to run, first.

Enjoying much needed beach time.
On Saturday, I had a tough, humid, hot run. I loved how I felt afterward, but not during it. On Sunday, I woke up too late and didn’t want another terribly gross run where I would hate most of my run again. After sitting at the beach, and pool for most of the day, I decided that the humidity had dropped enough for me to go for a run before dinner. So I headed out toward the beach and just ran (well just ran, then walked in planned intervals).

The cove between the hotel & the beach.

I knew I had a defined amount of time I really should run, and then needed to get back to get ready for dinner, so I knew I could get in a half mile or so on the beach before turning around. It was what I needed so badly. It reminded me why I love to just run. I felt free. I felt my body pushing itself, sweating, heart pumping, and my should being refueled.

A little beach running is good for the soul.

This run reminded me why I run. I run because it pushes my body in new ways with every run. I run because it frees my mind from my everyday. I run because it has saved me more times than I can count. I run because… I run.
And the views aren’t so bad if you use it to explore a bit.


What has helped you find your motivation again?
What’s your favorite place to workout?
Do you have a favorite time of day to run or walk?

3 thoughts on “It’s All Coming Back, all Coming Back to me Now

  1. Breaks are good! I have found my interest in running to be totally cyclical and largely dependent on other things going on in life. Glad you found your mojo again. Exploring a new place on foot is something I always enjoy…and that usually reminds me of many reasons that I enjoy running.

  2. I think giving yourself a break from running is a great way to find your passion for it again. For me, several weeks off a few times a year seem to do the trick. After our race in Dublin, I hiked and did other activity for nearly two weeks and it made such a difference getting back to the pavement. Hope the new job and city are making you happy!

  3. Sounds like you need the rest. It’s properly best that you had a rest, constant training can drag you down, and can cause injuries.
    Sometimes a race can be a good motivator.
    My fav place to workout is out on the trails. I love hiking and running. It clears my mind.
    I prefer getting my running/walking done in the morning, that way leave the rest of the day to do other things.

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