October Goals & Birthday Month Bucket List

I LOVE October. It’s the best Fall month, because you still get some warm days, but sweaters, scarves and knee high boots can become staples in the wardrobe again. Also, it’s my birthday month… so without October, you don’t have me.

September goals were kept okay, but I slipped a bit when things got rough at work, and I am focused on my long term goals, so I need to be strong, work hard, and stay focused. In addition to running a Challenge Group to help others have accountability, motivation, and inspiration, I plan on putting myself through it all too. So, my goals for the month are as follows:
– Stick to my T25 workout plan, while adding some running in 2-3 days per week. This means I will make some changes to the T25 schedule, because its rare that I’ll do both workouts in a day, but will push myself to do it when possible.
– Focus on 84000 steps per week again. I got off track with this, and need to get back to it. It’s an easy way to be burning an extra few hundred calories per day, and always makes me happier.
– Keep an average of 500 calorie deficit per day so I continue with my slow and steady weight loss.
– Have fun at my 2 races I signed up for this month (a 5K and a 10K) and not focus on trying to come close to my best times. I haven’t been training, that would be dumb.

In addition to my goals, I’ve got a couple of before I turn 34 items I want to cross off the list:
– Hit up a Farmer’s Market in Chicago. This was on my summer bucket list, but didn’t happen. Fall veggies are awesome, I need to get there.
– Go to at least 1 Meet-Up event and 1 organized run group to meet some new people.
– Explore one new neighborhood.
– Go to the movies by myself. I still haven’t found a group of friends in Chicago, and I really want to see Gone Girl.
– Figure out the right way to ring in 34. Likely involving running, burpees, or pushups… or all three.

What are your October goals?
I’ve still got 4 spots in my Challenge Group, who wants in?
How should I celebrate 34?

8 thoughts on “October Goals & Birthday Month Bucket List

  1. Heather

    movies by myself is one of my favorite things to do. It’s not as if you talk to people during them (or at least you shouldn’t). Also, no sharing of popcorn. Double also, if a guy asks you on a first date to the movies i think that’s silly.

    i heart October because it brought me you. xoxoxo

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