Be proud of who you are and what you choose to do! #WomanUp

This article, by Lauren Fleshman for Runner’s World, brought tears to my eyes while I was waiting at an appointment this afternoon. It did it again when I came and read it again as I prepared to write this post.

Lauren Fleshman is not just a rockstar, she has an amazing way with words; she is so raw, and human in the emotion she writes with about topics that matter. She is just a woman, struggling in the same way we all do. Granted, not all of us struggle because we are so immensely in shape that some idiot calls her a man, but struggle we do.

She scribes the poem spoken before the Oiselle runway show last month, and I can’t help but tear up every single time I think about it. As a woman solidly in my mid-30s with no prospect for marriage, mostly because at every opportunity, I have chosen me. I have chosen my career, my sanity, my desire to not be a verbally battered woman, and my desire for someone who loves me for all of those choices, and isn’t scared by them.

I think of my amazing friends and family who are participating in my challenge group who don’t want to share their weight or measurements because they aren’t comfortable with it. I don’t judge them for those decisions, but it pains me to think too many people have made these absolutely amazing women feel like those numbers define who they are, not a point in time.

I hate that there is a double standard for almost everything in life. Lauren Fleshman says it best: “It’s time to Woman Up.”

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