Healthy Living Struggles and a peek into a Challenge Group

A few months ago, I started my BeachBody journey with a challenge group, and almost immediately was on board with the ideals, the concepts, and of course the results I was seeing.

Over the last 10 years, I’d made great progress, and then fell into deep troughs of bad decisions and tough times, and would eek my way back toward my goal again. Weekends have always been my downfall, because they are so unstructured, and offer so many opportunities to do something you wouldn’t normally do. And then there are the holidays.

Studies show that people gain more than half of their annual weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Imagine what it would be like to start that season feeling more energetic, feeling healthier, and maybe even a few pounds lighter?

My challengers are doing just that! Here’s a few experiences from them:

– “Accountability is huge for me. I can let myself get off course way too easily, so having a group to check in with was huge for me. I love being able to share our struggle and victories” – A challenger using The 21 Day Fix who has lost more than 7 pounds, and is wearing clothes she hasn’t worn in years.

– “Biggest win during Jump Start Week was drinking enough water! Really helped my energy levels” – Challenger who just had her second baby

– “I did Jump Start Week and lost 2.2 pounds!” – Challenger who’s a working mom

I love the outcome of challenge groups, but love getting to be part of them myself! I’m still a work in progress, and although I’m down 10 pounds since July 4th, I love keeping myself accountable with them.

Each day I’ve been sharing tips and ideas of ways my challengers can keep themselves focused on their goals. I decided to give you a peek into one of those daily posts.

“I know I personally struggle with, at a minimum, 3-5 things a day that try to sway me into something unhealthy, or revert back to an old way of thinking. Some days it’s my snooze button, some days it’s a vat of guacamole and a bucket of salty tortilla chips, other days it’s a really crappy day at work. A former trainer of mine used to repeat the phrase “Progress, Not Perfection” to us regularly, and I love that thought.

To me, it’s not about always eating perfectly clean meals, or never skipping a workout, it’s about being better today than I was yesterday, even if that’s just knowing that choosing to have that cookie means I have to walk an extra 5000 steps to even out tomorrow.

Living perfectly is not possible, mostly because there is no such thing. It’s about doing what’s best for you, so that you feel great about every decision you make. Each of you has your own healthy living “demons” (I like to think of mine as the vicious little troll that lives with goats) and that’s why it’s YOUR journey, and no one else’s, even though there are a handful of struggles that are most common.”

Each day I also ask them to answer questions about the topic and how it applies to them, give a fitness challenge, and have them check in on their meal plan & workout for the day.

I’m already filling up my Move-ember Challenge Group, but still have a few spots left! And to give you an extra push, I’m offering a special deal on top of this month’s Challenge Pack deals:

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Who wants to kick off the Holiday season feeling fabulous? Email for more information on the challenge and the special deals!

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