Holiday Survival Guide – Finding Ways to avoid the Holiday Gain

The holidays are synonymous with overeating, over indulging, and just generally overdoing it. Between sweets around the office, holiday parties, big dinners filled with family and laughter, and the fact that there seems to be less than 24 hours in each day in December, it’s easy to find yourself gaining weight over the holidays.

The average American gains only about 1-2 pounds over the holidays, but that represents almost half of the total gain each year. What if this year, you made it through the holidays enjoying everything, but with a little extra help to find ways to keep that pound or two off?

Accountability & Tips
Starting right after Thanksgiving, I’m joining forces with two other awesome bloggers, Jillian over at, and Linda over at, to run a free Holiday Survival Guide group. For 21 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas we;ll provide tips on making smart choices, quick workouts you can do anywhere, and clean eating recipes to help you when you’re not at a party or celebration dinner.

Additionally, you’ll get accountability from us, and your fellow Survival Guiders. Done through a Secret Facebook group, you can easily check in, give support and your own tips, to help you stay on track.

Give yourself a Boost
In addition, a few of us will be starting the challenge off with a clean eating cleanse for 3 days supported by the 3-day Refresh. It will help to undo the sins of Thanksgiving, while helping to curb cravings. I’ve tried other cleanses before, and always got hungry, but am excited that the 3-Day Refresh includes 2 meals and 2 snacks of real food! With a focus on healthy fruits and veggies, it allows your body to stay satisfied while letting your body focus on healing.

Commit Yourself
This is the time of year when people start to fall off the wagon of health, but you don’t have to give up enjoying the holidays to stay on track. Commit now by emailing me at if you’re interested and you can Survive this holiday season, not succumb to the holiday season.

What are you waiting for, New Year’s?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Survival Guide – Finding Ways to avoid the Holiday Gain

  1. great ideas! sometime commitment is key. it is key all year round but especially when you are given more a reason not to with family and events.

    Sometimes planning a race in this time helps too because it gives you a counter balance to not slack off.

  2. Finding balance during the holidays is always difficult, but last year I found that half marathon training helped me to balance everything out. I’m hopeful that by being in training again during the holidays this year that I’ll find the same success.

  3. This is a great idea. I am always pretty good about getting out for a run or a visit to the gym even during the month of December. I try to eat healthy during the day time so that if we attend a party at night, it is not a problem to have a few extra treats!

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