3 Day Refresh Experience: Day 2

It’s been a long day with work, but I’m still loving how I feel doing the 3 Day Refresh after overdoing it in a number of ways over the last week.

After yesterday, I learned I didn’t need as many modifications as I thought I would. Instead of allowing myself to use some unsweetened almond or coconut milk in my smoothies, I switched to a splash of unsweetened organic coconut creamer. It adds the same creaminess I craved, but reduces my modification significantly. I’m still allowing myself 1 small cup of coffee with a little unsweetened organic soy or coconut creamer with stevia each day.

Day 2: Morning

Again, I started my day with a mug hot lemon water. I went to get in a 20 minute workout in the gym, and then had my Shakeology shake. This time I used a splash of unsweetened coconut creamer, and used my fruit for the morning as strawberries in my shake. I also drank about 2 cups of water before leaving for work.

An hour later I had a small cup of coffee with 1 tbsp of unsweetened organic soy creamer and a little stevia. By the time I got to the office, and finished my coffee, I was so thirsty. I downed 2 more cups of water quickly, and added some sudafed to the mix because I’d woken up with a stuffy head.

Day 2: Mid-Day

I was definitely more hungry today than I was yesterday. I was ready for my Fiber Sweep by about 10 am, and used less water, but let it sit too long, so it got chunky. Another lesson learned!

I forced myself to drink several more cups of water and a mug of tea to keep myself filled until lunch. I definitely noticed I was hungrier today, but a weird type of hungry. I would go from full to really hungry in like 2 minutes. A little weird, but it kept me drinking water!

Since I was at work today, I couldn’t blend my Vanilla Fresh. Instead I added cinnamon, and some pure almond extract, and added ice to my shaker. It wasn’t as delicious not blended, but it was pretty good. I also ate some sugar snap peas with hummus. I added some True Lemon to the hummus today, and it was divine.

Day 1: Late Afternoon

I was definitely ready for a snack by 3 pm. I remembered I hadn’t had my fruit with lunch, so ate my small apple, then had carrots with almond butter. In retrospect, I would have spaced those out too. I was starving again by 5:30, and didn’t get home until after 6, and had a coworker with me (who does these kinds of things every few months so she understood my weird dinner) to talk through some work stuff.

I wish I’d had some tea later in the afternoon. I would have really liked the extra flavor, and I firmly believe it fills me up more than water.

Day 1: Dinner & Evening
When I finally got home, I adjusted another recipe slightly and loved it. I wish I could have had more!

Limey Avocado Kale
1 1/2 cup chopped kale, sauteed
2 tbsp avocado, mashed
1/4 tsp True Lime
Sea Salt

Mix all together and enjoy!

I finished off my last 3 glasses of water, and some Sleepytime tea before I headed to bed. I still had a headache, and was hungry again, but I’ll survive!

Overall Thoughts on Day 1

I was surprised that I still wasn’t feeling any side effects (no gas, no bloating, nothing) other than the headache, which wasn’t terrible. I scaled back my adjustments so that I wasn’t miserable, and realized I cold easily make these modifications more moving forward in my normal life.

Do you have a favorite low calorie veggie recipe? Share it!
Do you have a favorite herbal tea?
Who’s feeling back on track post-Thanksgiving?

One thought on “3 Day Refresh Experience: Day 2

  1. It’s not a low cal veggie recipe, but I highly recommend the spinach and kale greek yogurt dip at Trader Joes. It is great with celery or any raw vegetables. Actually, we love vegetables grilled outside and these would be considered low cal. Tom uses a small amount of olive oil to keep them from sticking to the pan, and a little salt and pepper. I could eat a whole pan full and you can throw in just about any vegetable!

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