3-Day Refresh Experience Day 3

Yesterday was a very long day, as I had a work event that didn’t get me home until after 10 pm. I was exhausted, but was still loving how I feel doing the 3 Day Refresh.

I was happy with my modifications being reduced, and was super happy with my food choices.

Day 3: Morning

Again, I started my day with a mug hot lemon water. I was up a little late the night before, so let myself get some extra sleep, and did not workout, and then had my Shakeology shake. This time I used a splash of unsweetened coconut creamer, and used my fruit for the morning as b1/2 a banana with mint extract in my shake. It’s like a chocolate mint Frappacino! I also drank about 2 cups of water before leaving for work.

An hour later I had a small cup of coffee with 1 tbsp of unsweetened organic soy creamer and a little stevia. I was beyond thirsty again, so I chugged down 2 glasses of water quickly at work too.

Day 3: Mid-Day

I was definitely more hungry again on Day 3 than I was Day 1. I was on the go at work, so didn’t have my Fiber Sweep until about 11 am, and used less water, but added a little True Orange and it was great!!!

I was super hungry by noon, so I ate my little refresh salad with romaine, carrots, tomatoes and lime avocado mash.

I couldn’t blend my Vanilla Fresh. Instead I added cinnamon, and some pure almond extract, and added ice to my shaker. For the first time, I was still hungry after lunch.

I saved my clementine until early afternoon to spread the food out. That clementine was amazing! I love that it’s their season again.

Day 3: Late Afternoon

I was definitely ready for a snack by about 2:30 pm. But I knew I had a late event that would keep me from being able to go to sleep early, so I had tea to help keep me full for a bit longer.

I finally snacked at 4 with my cucumbers and hummus. Again with True Lemon, and it was delicious.

Day 3: Dinner & Evening
When I finally got home, I used a recipe of mine and made it Refresh Acceptable. I wish I could have had more, it was so good!

Zucchini Noodles with Tomato Kale Sauce
1 small zucchini turned into noodles with a spiralizer
6 grape tomatoes, sliced
3/4 cup Kale, chopped
1 tbsp balsamic
1/2 tbsp garlic grapeseed oil
Sea salt

1) Spiralize the zucchini and toss in a colander with sea salt. Let sit for 15-20 minutes to release some water.

2) Sauté all other ingredients for 3-5 minutes. Serve with sauce over noodles!

At 113 calories per serving (the recipe is 1 serving), it was perfect, and a ton of food!

I had a mug of tea and 2 bottles of water at my event, and then went to bed as soon as I got home.

Overall Thoughts on the 3-Day Refresh

I loved this. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t as tough as I had expected. I already plan on doing it after New Year’s again because I know I’ll be off track over Christmas, at least a little.

I felt lighter and more refreshed pretty quickly, and happily had very few side effects. I can feel a number of non-scale changes including:
– Craving fruits and veggies. When you’re eating them, but in very small portions, it’s amazing what you’d do for a giant salad filled with fresh veggies.
– Wanting to drink a ton of water. I knew I wasn’t going to cave and eat something I wasn’t supposed to, so drinking water was a must. It reminded me that I really don’t need a ton of food each day, I need a lot more water.
– Tea is underutilized in my life. I realized quickly that tea is more filling to me than plain water, and having a few mugs in the middle of the day really helped me stay full and satisfied longer.

In all I was happy with my outcomes, I lost 3 pounds and 2.5 inches overall. I lost no additional weight between Day 3 and Day 4 (today) so I think my body may be holding onto some extra water. I’m adjusting my meal plan for the rest of the week to keep close to the refresh plan while adding in non-shake protein through lean meats, fish and eggs.

I’ll post my eating plan within the next day or so!

Would you consider doing the 3-Day Refresh? I’m doing it again January 2nd if you’re interested!
What’s your favorite food hack (like veggie noodles instead of pasta)?
What would you miss the most doing a vegan cleanse?

6 thoughts on “3-Day Refresh Experience Day 3

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  2. I might be interested in doing this! ❤

    Spaghetti squash is kind of fun!

    I would miss the obvious: Meat. HOWEVER, I do not eat it every single day. I eat beans often, so I don't know that I'd miss it for too terribly long.

  3. I’d definitely give it a try! I’m happy to try something that involves real food and not just juices. Also, the recipes you posted looked appetizing, which is a good change from other cleanses I’ve seen!

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