Healthy Holiday Travel Trips

With all my work travel, I’ve had the opportunity to test my own ability to make healthy decisions when traveling. Holiday travel, however, always pushes those tests just a little bit further! You’ve got the perfect storm of celebrations, travel, family & friends, and, if everyone’s been good, lots of candy, cookies and pie.

So how can you enjoy the holidays while also having a healthy holiday?

Pack Snacks
– The trick to making it through road trips & flight delays is packing good snacks. I have several go-tos that are healthy, easy, and delicious:
– Larabars, Kind bars, or other low-sugar, and high protein bars.
– Raw nuts
– Apples and individual packs of nut butters.
– Pre-packed or single serving protein or meal replacement shakes and a blender bottle to mix on the go!

Make Yourself Active
– For those of us who are active regularly the idea of being cooped up in a car or airplane for hours is miserable, right? Make yourself be active!
– In airports, walk around as much as possible. 3 hour flight delay? That’s a good several miles of doing laps, right there.
– Every time you stop on a road trip, do jumping jacks, squats, and walking lunges. Get your kids involved too!
– Check your layover airports, many of them now have yoga rooms. Imagine getting zen in the middle of Midway?

Stay Hydrated
Travel of all kinds will dry you out. Just say no to the airport bar, and the 4000th Starbucks on your route home. Stick to tea and water, and if you’ve packed REALLY well, throw some Nuun in there too. Some electrolytes will serve you well.

Finally, remember what you’re doing it all for: seeing friends and family over the holidays. No matter how much they make you crazy, make you wish you weren’t spending your vacation time in bumper to bumper traffic, or fighting someone for a plug on the floor at the airport to recharge your iPad, they’re your only family. Enjoy them!

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