#26Acts 2 Years Later

The morning of December 14th 2012, I was finishing up a conference call at home, before spending the day finalizing my Christmas shopping, packing up my apartment to put into storage for my move to Birmingham, and getting my car serviced for several thousand miles of driving between Christmas and the move.

I had the TV on mute, and noticed the news had come back on, when it shouldn’t have. As soon as my call ended, I turned the volume back on, and realized, the horror that was happening at Sandy Hook Elementary.

When the #26Acts movement kicked off, I was immediately on board. I carried groceries for people, I left gift cards on random cars, paid for coffee for strangers, and confused a toll worker just across the Massachusetts border by trying to pay for multiple cars behind me.

2 years later, I fully intend to do my third set of #26Acts to honor those angels through another year of Random Acts of Kindness.

Who will join me in doing 26 random acts of kindness starting today?

Share your thoughts!

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