Healthy Holiday Tip: Choose Wisely

I love the holidays, especially things like big glasses of wine or champagne flutes refilled over and over again, my mom’s yeast rolls, and dark chocolate caramels until my teeth stick together. But I hate when after a party or gathering, knowing I had eaten something I didn’t really want, and way too much of it.

At most parties, you’ve got lots of options, and unless you’ve got a lot of willpower (or a food allergy/interolerance that makes your decisions for you), you may leave a party thinking: “Why the heck did I eat so much? It wasn’t even that good.”

So use those options to your advantage: eat this, instead of that.

– Eggnog: 1 cup = ~350 calories; Instead: White Wine: 4 oz = ~100 calories

– Little pigs in blankets: 5 pigs = ~600 calories; Instead: Deviled Eggs: 2 halves = ~150 calories

– Spinach & Artichoke Dip: 1/4 cup = ~300 calories; Instead: Salsa: 1/4 cup = ~20 calories

– Crab Cakes: 4 mini cakes = ~400 calories; Instead: Shrimp Cocktail: 12 shrimip = ~165 calories

– Pecan Pie: 1 slice = ~450 calories; Instead: Pumpkin Pie: 1 slice = ~350 calories

– Prime Rib: 6 oz = ~450 calories; Instead: Turkey breast: 6 oz = ~225


This may not cover everything you are tempted with, but some additional tips include:

– Stay away from creamy or cheesy foods and drinks. They will almost always have more fat and calories.

– Wine and lighter beers are your best options, unless you drink on the rocks. Most mixers are basically sugar water.

– Veggie trays should be your friend. The deep fryer should not be.

– Tomato based foods are usually pretty safe. Think salsa, bruschetta, tomato soup. Just watch the chips, bread and grilled cheese that can come with them.


And finally, remember to enjoy yourself! One night, or weekend is not going to make you gain 20 pounds (seriously, it’s almost physically impossible), so if you enjoy everything, ENJOY IT. Don’t beat yourself up, acknowledge that you ate it, you enjoyed it, and get back to normal. Even better, check out my tips of when you overindulge.

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