Healthy Holiday Tips: Packing for Success

I travel a lot but there’s something about going home that has a tendency to take me off track. Since I’m heading to the airport this morning, I figured I’d share how I’m setting myself up for success.

When packing for work trips I’m always boring: workout stuff for 90% of my nights gone, work outfits that can reuse parts of each day (I reuse skirts a lot, no one has ever mentioned it), and I choose one color scheme so I only need one set of work shoes.

When going home, I always overpack, so this year I’m trying something new: under packing for real clothes, and forcing myself to use all my workout clothes. In addition, I’m packing a few secret weapons:

Mini foam roller & The Stick. I know I sleep terribly at my mom’s so in addition to being sore from the workouts I’m forcing myself to do, I know I’ll need some relief.

PiYo DVDs. All I need is a DVD player, a TV and some space. My plan is to get them done EARLY so I have no excuses. I also know it will be a huge source of stress relief. Yay!

Shakeology. I ordered an extra package of vegan Shakeoogy packets that arrived at my Mom’s last week, and I have a few packets that will go in my carry on for the trip East. It will keep me on track and fuel my body after my workouts.

Prepare for anything. It’s supposed to be unusually warm in Maine this week (rainy and 50 on Christmas?!) so I’m packing gear to run outside. It’s not often I get the chance to run in weather like that when I’m home for Christmas. I’d kind of like to give it a go.

Pack your Courage. Be ready with your “why” when your family questioned why you’re heading out for a run or walk, or why you’re taking over the living room. And be wiling to step out of your comfort zone. I’m excited to join a killer spin boot camp class by my old cheering coach at my old high school on the morning of Christmas Eve. These people do this almost every day together, and I know I’m the oddball. But I’m excited to do something different that will make me sweat and smile! Get out there and find s crazy class in your neighborhood, and do a drop in.

Stop Along the Way. My mom is used to me showing up with presents, and bags of groceries. I always stop to get a few things that I know she won’t have, and will help me make better choices. Hummus and carrots, soy creamer, almond milk, and apples are my go-tos.

This obviously doesn’t guarantee success, but it will take me further than if I didn’t plan or pack at all.

What’s your packing plan for a healthy holiday?
What are the foods you bring when you go home?
Who’s trying something new this holiday?

Share your thoughts!

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