Goals, not Resolutions: My plans for 2015

In my career in 2014, I moved from Strategist (you know, within the function: Strategery) to an Operational role. I’m still responsible for my market strategy, but if I don’t execute on action plans, we’ll never reach the goals and vision set out in the strategy.  And, I will probably be looking for a new job, so I stay hyper-focused on execution every day.

In 2015, I will do the same with my personal goals. I’ve always been great about putting really in depth plans into place for what I want to accomplish, hence landing in a strategy career, but execution I’ve always struggled with a little. I’m actually even quite good at sticking to the plans, but not at checking in with those goals. Or breaking them into manageable, bite sized goals that move me toward larger goals. Somehow being paid to do it at work makes it easier.  Well now it’s time to push myself to do it at home.

I’ve got a lot of goals, both running & fitness related, as well as life in general goals. I’ll spare you my career and financial plans, and focus on a few of my big goals for 2015, and some of how I plan to make it happen.

  • Run 1000 miles. I had this goal last year, but refer to above description of my inability to check in on goals for the reason why I didn’t accomplish it. To accomplish this I need to average 19.25 miles per week. Since I’m still ramping back up into training, my first month will be lower mileage, so I will need to pick it up later in the year.
  • New Half Marathon PR. My current PR is over a year old. I trained hard to get one this spring, but clearly not hard enough. I’m all in. I’m excited to get to work with Chris Heuisler, the Run Westin Run Concierge, to train for Rock n Roll DC in March. (If you didn’t know, you can book the VIP Marathon package at Westin Georgetown and get training from him too!).
  • New Marathon PR. I’m setting myself up fairly easily here, because my only other marathon included a black eye and an hour of photo stops with Disney characters. But, I’ll be doing it on my own. Those 20 milers are not going to be nearly as fun without Karen to chat with for hours. Earlier this Fall I bid on, and won, marathon training from Chris Heuisler at the Girls on the Run Chicago, Sparkle & Shine Gala. I’m excited to train for the Chicago Marathon with Chris’ help while also fundraising for GOTR-Chicago as a Solemate.
  • Start a Wine Club. I love wine. I need a fun new way to meet people, so I’ve decided to start a regular wine club with the goal that each of my friends, brings wine and another friend. Instant way to meet people. Anyone in Chicago want in?
  • Read 20 books. I’ve never really tracked this, so I think this one might be easier than I think. But I’ve rediscovered my love of reading, and am excited to explore new authors, and exciting new stories.

So there they are! My big goals for the year. I’m forcing myself to check in them weekly, and will be doing monthly goals that break each of these down a bit, to keep myself focused and moving toward completion.


What are some of your goals for 2015?

Anyone else running RnRDC or Chicago Marathon this year?

What books should I add to my reading list? Are you on Goodreads? Add me!

4 thoughts on “Goals, not Resolutions: My plans for 2015

  1. Great goals! I have no doubt that you will rockthe half marathon and marathon goals! I need to read more books as well…I tend to read the most in the summer but would love to make this a regular habit 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. I love the wine club idea! It sounds like a great way to meet new people in a new city!

    I have no doubt that you’ll conquer all of your goals this year, especially your PR goals. I’m not sure that #RnRDC is in the cards for me this year (I’m already registered for Shamrock the weekend after), but I guess you never know!

  3. Your wine club idea is awesome. You will have so much fun meeting lots of new people in your new home city! The 1000 miles sounds like a ton, but when broken down, it is really very manageable. I logged 865 for 2014 and just want to improve on that number. I actually may look at the Chicago Marathon as my second marathon of the year. Chicago is such a fun city and it is on my bucket list! Just need to decided between it and NYC and I already have the time needed for NYC. Choices, choices

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