SMART Goals and Non-Scale Victories

My Happy, Healthy New Year group kicks off today, and one of my favorite discussions to have with my groups is about non-scale victories. It’s the first Monday of the New Year, and a lot of people waited until today to really kick off their health and fitness goals for the year. If 40% of Americans make resolutions but only 8% keep them, how can you try to be part of that 8%?

There are a thousand ways to be part of that 8%, and it starts with setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time bound). If you want to lose weight, be more focused: I want to lose 20 pounds before July 4th. Now you’ve given yourself a way to break that goal down even further.

In addition to SMART goals, don’t just focus on the scale. What’s something you can do that will help you reach that 20 pound goal?

– Running

– Great, but if you’re not running right now, set some non-scale goals to help you get there.

– I want to build up to run a 5k by July 4th, and I will use the Couch to 5K training program. I will run 3 days a week to make sure I get there.

Now that’s a goal! And to keep yourself going, because there will be times that you feel like you’re not progressing, find little, or big, things each day or week that are Non-Scale Victories. These are things that make you feel progress, make you feel amazing, and remind you that you’re kicking butt on your goals. Here are a few to get you started:

– I had breakfast and packed my healthy lunch for work.

– I finished my entire workout today without stopping.

– I fit into pants that used to be too tight.

– I ran a mile without stopping.

– I worked out when I got home instead of crashing on the couch.


There are always things to celebrate that go beyond the scale, take time to remind yourself of them often, and you’ll find yourself progressing on the scale, too!

What’s a non-scale victory you’ve had recently?

Do you set SMART goals?


One thought on “SMART Goals and Non-Scale Victories

  1. Hi Cyanne!

    Love your non-scale goals. The scale doesn’t really tell you much- except you drank too much water, are getting ready to have your period, etc.!
    Question- i have a friend wanting more Shakeology recipes. Do you have a round up of them?



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