Staying Motivated during the Winter

I’ve lived in cold places before. I grew up in Maine, spent 4 years in Connecticut, 2 years in Pittsburgh, and a year in Philly.  Chicago is giving me a whole new challenge with winter.

But who wants to give up on training or workouts for months while it’s cold out? Certainly not me!

Summer BodiesStaying motivated to stick to my plans, can be a bit more difficult than when it’s nice out, though.  So how can you stay motivated to stay on track with training, to keep those sweaty selfies coming, and stay healthy even when it’s below zero outside.

Set a Spring Goal. If you know you’re working toward something, whether it’s a race, or just a new tough workout you want to take on in the warmer weather, you’re more likely to keep up your workouts.

Make a Plan, and Write it Down. Writing down your goals is step one, but writing out your plan for each week is a great way to stay motivated. Who wants to put a big X on the calendar or journal where you should have recorded your success?

Make it Fun. If you’re having fun, you won’t even realize you’re working out. Grab a friend and get sweaty together with fun music, a fun new workout, and make a plan to do it often!

Use the Weather for Good. Winter weather means some fun activities can be done, and they’re great workouts, too. Ice skating, sledding, skiiing (either downhill or cross country), snowshoeing are all something fun you can do with family and friends, while also getting in a great workout.

Plan a Trip. If you are able to book a vacation somewhere warm in the middle of all the cold, it might be just want you need to stay motivated to be active before the trip, be active when you’re on the trip, and keep it going knowing the end is in sight when you get back.

So, even when the cold is too brutal to take on an outdoor run or walk, keep yourself going with something fun, new, and a plan to make it happen.

What’s your winter motivation?

Do you have a sweat with a friend workout idea?

Who’s got a trip somewhere warm planned this year already?

5 thoughts on “Staying Motivated during the Winter

  1. All great tips! If I don’t have a goal race to work towards, I find it difficult to push myself out the door to run. And since I know I’ll be headed towards to the beach at the end of March, I’m also using that as motivation to keep my body bathing suit ready.

  2. This year my winter motivation is my first Half Marathon that I’m training for. The race is in May, so the brunt of my training is in the winter. I live in Iowa, so not unlike Chicago. We get about the same nasty winters here that you do there. I have a membership to Planet Fitness, so I go there to run when its’ super cold out.

    Sometimes I have a friend who I go with, but only when I run on the treadmills. I don’t have anyone who I could keep up with that runs locally. So when I run outside I’m always solo.

    So plans to go anywhere warm. I just put up with winter till spring comes..then I rejoice in the warmer temps, thawing of snow and running outside again!

  3. Definitely have a trip planned for later this year and while I’m not motivated to exercise outside, I’m staying busy inside with fitness. Can’t wait for warmer weather.

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