Music makes me Lose Control…

That’s not necessarily true. But I do love me some Missy Elliott. 

I am, however, a music runner. It pumps me up. It keeps me motivated, and often, can actually make me faster. Recently, I’ve been struggling with my usual mixes, because there’s always a song or two that brings me down at just the wrong moment. So, I’ve decided I’m building a new #RnRDC Playlist this weekend to get me a shiny new PR. Okay, the playlist will just help. The brilliant coaching from Chris and a lot of logged miles will get me the PR. 

Here’s the thing: I need ideas! I need help building the perfect playlist that’s a mix of pop, rock, and rap, both current and old school, that will keep me be-bopping over 13.1 miles. 

Hers what I’ve got so far (not necessarily in this order):

– Ni**az in Paris – Kanye & Jay Z

– Empire – Shakira

– Empire State of Mind – Jay Z

– Shake it off – Taylor Swift

– Mr. Brightside – The Killers

– Still the One – Orleans

– Still into You – Paramore

– Lose Yourself – Eminem

– Sugar – Maroon 5

– Lose Control – Missy Elliott

– Shut up and Dance – Walk the Moon

So, what songs should I add to make this mix rock and roll me thought the Capital City? 

9 thoughts on “Music makes me Lose Control…

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    I love all Missy songs. And it might sound silly but check out the Step Up soundtracks. Those are a lot of fun and keep me moving!

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