May Goals: Get stronger, get leaner, get stretchier

It’s been a while since I’ve done a goals post, but I’ve been really struggling in the mornings to get up and run, or even do a workout, so I’m forcing myself to lay it all out there. 

Work has been absolutely nuts. Although I’m only adding a couple of hours each day to the workday, it’s been emotionally draining. I am completely spent when I get home, yet I haven’t been getting to sleep as early as I should be, which leaves me hitting snooze for way too long and missing my opportunity to get a good workout in. 

But those excuses aren’t going to help me reach my goals. They also aren’t going to keep me injury free during marathon training. They also won’t help me fit into the most fabulous dress I’ve had for almost 2 years and haven’t worn because it’s just a little too snug. 

So what are my goals? 

  • Get Stronger. I will start doing planks daily, as well as push-ups. I will also do a proper strength workout (body weight or with weights/resistance bands) at least 2 times per week. 
  • Get Leaner. I am aiming to lose about 5 pounds. I started a DietBet with some friends, and while I’m beyond happy with how far I’ve come, I know these few extra pounds are just that, extra. I’ll be tracking my food intake, being refocused on getting most of my workouts in (I’m allowed to miss only 1 per week), and being an active participant in my Accountability Group. 
  • Get Stretchier. I bought a Groupon to CorePower Yoga a few months ago, and I need to use it. Getting back into yoga will help make me stronger, more mindful, and keep my legs happy. I will go to a yoga class 2 times per week. 
  • Get Out. While I’ve made some great friends, I need to continue to branch out, get out and meet people. I will run with at least 1 run group each week. 

So there they are. Out in the world. Now… To keep up with them!
Do you have any goals this month?

Do you run with run groups? Any tips?

Who’s ready for summer?

5 thoughts on “May Goals: Get stronger, get leaner, get stretchier

  1. JessRunsATL

    Great goals! One tip for getting out of bed – put your alarm across the room. It forces you out of bed Once you are up, DON’T GO BACK TO BED. After a few minutes you’ll be awake.

  2. May is strength month for me too. After Tink half weekend, I won’t be on a specific running training plan and my achy knees and hips keep telling me I need to focus on getting stronger before I start marathon training. I got back into a good workout routine this week and I want to keep it up.

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