Chicago Marathon Training & I need your help! 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly because life has been busy. Now that I’m halfway through week 2 of marathon training, it’s not going to get any less busy, but after an amazing weekend with some of my favorite blogger friends, I have been inspired to get back to it! 

We had such a blast celebrating Christine & Adam

Marathon Training

As I may have mentioned I’m using a coach to train for the Chicago Marathon this fall. I really wanted to train for a time goal, and knew having a coach would get me where I need to be, but also keep me healthy. I’ll be doing many of my weekend long runs with CARA training, which I get for free as part of being a SoleMate for Girls on the Run Chicago. (And you can still donate to my fundraiser here!) My coach is awesome, and is pushing me to go a little beyond my comfort zone, which I love. For now 😊

I missed one of my weekday easy runs in week 1. It was a good reminder that planning to run after work, unless I’m meeting a group or friends, will not happen. Early mornings, while they may suck, will be the only way I’ll make it through this training. 

Overall, I had a good first week. My pace for speed work was better than expected (Chris, if you’re reading this, it does not mean you need to speed things up too much!), and even with some serious heat and humidity, the base of my first real long run was about 30 seconds slower than what goal race pace is. 

This weekend I’ll be doing my first speed work in a long run (middle miles at race pace) and I’m excited. I think I’ll really like pushing myself as part of a long run, and it will help to keep things interesting. 

Now, I need your help

Danielle from and I decided last weekend that while we’re both training this summer, we want to do a series of posts on uncommon, trusted, weird, old wives tales and “I’ve always wondered” things to prepare for, power you through a tough or long run, or as recovery. We need your ideas!!!
So far we’ve got:

– Pickle juice – During

– Salt tabs – During

– Beet juice – Recovery

– Tart cherry juice – Recovery

– Tea made with honey – During 

– Flat Coke – During

Are you doing a fall marathon?

What’s something we should try for our tests?

Do you do tempo or other speed work during long run so?

14 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training & I need your help! 

  1. JessRunsATL

    I’ve heard ruffles potato chips during a run! Chrissy and I used little pretzels and that was good fuel. Im trying to find not sugary options!

  2. I’ll be lining up on Nov. 1 for the NYC Marathon. I have nothing to add for you to test because I only use GU gels and bananas during a marathon. My coach now has some interesting add ins for my long runs including certain mileage at a set pace. It actually makes the runs more interesting if not all the mileage is at your long run pace.

  3. I’ve heard that tart cherry juice helps you sleep – which I have zero issues with during marathon training. I was going to bed regularly at 8pm during training for the last one. Not that I don’t often go to bed at 8pm now during half marathon training…

  4. I am! Running Savanna in Nov. I start training July 20th!! Man. Life IS busy! I’ve only been able to blog once a week lately. I must say that tart cherry juice DOES help tremendously for my muscle aches. I’ve used it since last winter. As far as other ideas…learning to run on fat. Like NOT eating carbs before a run. And yes, some of my long runs I will “finish fast” or run a progressive. Best of luck with your marathon training!!

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