Giving up being stubborn

If there’s one thing runners have a sixth sense for, it’s knowing when something is wrong with our bodies. We know the difference between a little tweak and a big problem almost immediately. We know when a little cough is okay to do an easy or long run with, but pushing speed work to a different day is best. 

We push through fatigue, stress, aches and pains. We push our bodies because for some reason it makes more sense than not. 

And some days, we know when things just aren’t right. Even when the weather is perfect for hours of running, or we have nothing else on the calendar but a 9 mile run with miles 3-6 at race pace. We just know. 

After 10 days of travel, I woke Saturday morning excited to run. I was excited that the sun was out, but it wasn’t hot or humid. And yet, from the moment I got out of bed I didn’t feel right. I got ready to run, and even had everything on ready to walk out the door, and just before stepping out the door, I moved quickly and suddenly felt like I was going to pass out. 

I quickly sat down, and hemmed and hawed about heading out to run. I decided to lie down for a bit, and woke up a few hours later only to get up and have the same thing happen again. It was clear I wasn’t running. 

I relaxed all day with lots of hydration, went to bed early and slept in again Sunday morning, and still felt lightheaded. So I went to a convenience care clinic, which ultimately sent me to the local hospital urgent care. After a few hours, and a number of tests, I was cleared for all of the potentially big/bad stuff and told me it was likely inner ear fluid due to terrible allergies combined with sheer exhaustion. 

So I took basically my second week of marathon training off. Not ideal, but pushing when my body was clearly signaling needing a break would have been worse. 

So I enjoyed some time by my pool, watched the Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig Lifetime movie (it is absolutely as good as you expect it to be. Epic!) and ordered Japanese noodles for dinner after having no appetite for almost 2 days. I’m hoping the drugs she put me on will work, and I’ll be back to running by Tuesday. Until then, no sudden movements, otherwise I’m landing on the floor. 

What kind of ailments will keep you from a run?

Favorite movie to watch when you’re sick?

Favorite comfort food when you’re sick?

7 thoughts on “Giving up being stubborn

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    I hope you’re feeling a bit better today! Right now, plantar fasciitis is keeping me from running. I’m just trying to make the best of it and heal the heel but ugh, it seems like it’s taken forever. 😐

  2. Smart move my friend. I’m so bad at listening to my body but I’ve been working to get better about that. I always crave awful junk food when I don’t feel well- velveeta shells and cheese and chicken nuggets. Gross. Oh wait our wedding food was a classier version of just that…hmmm

  3. The Dude Run Run

    I am glad you listened to your body. I can’t and don’t wish to imagine what would have happened if you played the stubborn one and went out and ran. I myself have recently had a few off days and was forced to reign it in a bit. The good news for both of us though is now this means we get to run another day. Hope you are feeling better today.

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