My February Test

Several weeks ago, as I was planning my February goals, I set out on one that I didn’t publicize. Purposefully, I told no one, I wrote it no where, and within a few days, realized how important it was. For the month of February, I went Selfie Free. Sure, I posted, but I wanted to focus on the external things that drive me each day rather than showing my bright red face after a Precision Running class, or how perfect my hair was one day.

What did I learn?

For the first few days, it was harder than I expected. I realized how quick my reaction to something in life was to get my reaction to it in Instagram. Rather than just enjoying my life, I was obsessed with capturing myself in the moments of my life, no matter how ridiculous they were.
So, no more selfies?

I’m not sure I’ll completely give them up, but there will continue to be less pics of my face in your newsfeed. You can bet you’ll still see my colorful lunches, my carb filled weekend breakfasts, and shots of Chicago. I’m not crazy, I just did a little learning.



And less:

2 thoughts on “My February Test

  1. Interesting post and thoughts. We have done far less posting of our faces and are also concentrating more on external stuff. Just because you don’t post a photo of every run, etc doesn’t make it any less important.

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