Marching on: My intentions this month

In February, instead of making goal, I focused on progress. I made progress toward my 2016 mantras, and in March I intend to make even more progress. 

  • Move More – Continue to attend at least one class at Equinox a week. My class of choice is Precision Running, but I promised my trainer I would try Ropes & Rowers this month. I also need to force myself (yes, force) to get to yoga once a week. It’s not that hard, I just need to go. 
  • Do things that move you forward – Put myself in uncomfortable situations. I need to attend group runs. Go to meet ups. Do things I want to do, even if it means doing them by myself. I need to refocus how I’m spending my time on some things that will give me opportunities even if it means being a bit anxious at the time. 
  • Move More – Stop being lax with half-marathon training. After making it through Disney unscathed, I realized I can complete a half without fully training. That’s not how I want to live. That’s not I want to run. I need to stick to my plan, or adjust if it’s too aggressive, and run. 
  • Simplify your life – Spring clean and purge. I live for a good holistic spring clean. I love having bags of stuff to donate. I love selling things I don’t need or want. It’s like starting anew. I’m going to dedicate a long weekend (potentially taking a day off from work) to make it happen. So get ready, if you’re in the market for clothes or running gear, I’ll have plenty available! 
  • Simplify your life – Use my cookbook collection. I am a self proclaimed cookbook addict. I love them. I love having recipes at my fingertips for everything from specialty cocktails to vegan food that is hard to believe it’s vegan, and everything in between. I have them, but I rarely use them, other than my favorites and go tos. I’m committing to making one new meal a week from my cookbooks. 

What are your intentions this month?

Anyone else love spring cleaning?

What classes are you loving lately?

4 thoughts on “Marching on: My intentions this month

  1. I love the concept of “do things that move you forward.” Similar to other ideas I’ve heard about progress but that really speaks to me.

    We have a few small house projects on the docket for the spring – hopefully painting our kitchen and den (it’s one large space). It really really needs fresh paint!!

  2. I hate spring cleaning, but I need to do it.

    When I was single, I used to do things by myself more often. It’s a good way of meeting new people because it forces you to socialize with other people. When I go with friends or my husband, I naturally tend to just stick with the people I know.

    I don’t collect cookbooks so much as I just collect recipes. I have scores of stuff I haven’t tried yet. Part of the problem is that I’m more attracted to complicated recipes, but I’m generally too lazy/tired to actually do them. I’m focusing more on simple recipes now so that there’s a better chance of me actually making something new.

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