Why I Stopped Peddling (and I’m not Talking about Spinning) 

After moving to Chicago, I found myself in a new city, again. Heavier than I liked, again. And not wanting to shell out over $100 a month on a gym membership. I missed Unite Fitness. I missed my Philly Runner friends. Yet I loved this crazy new city. 

My Philly fitness love

A virtual friend reached out about her experience with Beachbody, and given my lack of friends of life in Chicago, gave it a try. In a few months of PiYo and T25, I was down almost 15 pounds, and had ventured into my own little BeachBody business. It was fun for a while. I liked helping people feel healthier, lose weight, and make new friends. 

Somewhere along the way, it became a chore. I hated posting everyday in my groups. I hated trying to get friends to buy stuff from me. I loved the accountability, I actually loved the workouts and Shakeology. I was also fed up with some of the ways others were peddling. The group of women (almost all women) I had suddenly become associated with (side note: this is a generalization, not all of them were like this, and the person who got me involved is the opposite of this) were obsessed with the pretty side of fitness. You know them. Mascara and lipstick for gym selfies. Bikini Body countdowns. Quest bars are healthy for you, you know. 

I realized it was the opposite of what I wanted, and for my actual friends, this was the last thing they cared about. And so I stopped peddling. I’m technically still a coach, and I have coaches I recruited who are doing awesome. I drink my Shakeology almost every day, because in reality, it’s easy and delicious. And sometimes I post about it… Because it’s delicious. But I realized that I didn’t want to be a person who gets eye rolls as people scroll through their feeds because they see another post about joining my team, when in reality my team is a group of close to 100 hard working people at my day job. That’s not changing any time intend are future, and so peddling isn’t my focus. 

There are men and women who have a calling at this. They are motivated by helping people in this way, and love mentoring others to do it too. I just realized it’s not who I am. Great for them. 

If you need me, I’ll be sucking down my Shakeology at my desk around 8:15 every morning while I dig through emails. It will be delicious. 

Mint Chocolate Smoothie

4 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Peddling (and I’m not Talking about Spinning) 

  1. I keep meaning to ask you about the cleanses through these programs…are they worth trying? I feel like I need a cleanse and reset after Italy and to get on track with eating better!

    1. I love their 3 Day Refresh, actually. It’s vegan, and because it’s only 3 days is doable. It definitely helps to let your body naturally cleanse itself while not overloading your body with juice (which can have some really icky side effects).

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