What I’m Loving this Month: March 2016 {A Few Days Late}

March was pretty spectacular, considering I haven’t been able to run. Warm weather makes me happy. It makes me excited to get up, excited to be outside, excited to be in such a fabulous city. As spring arrives, the idea of trying new, healthy recipes keeps me happy regardless of the weather. This month, I’m talking cookbooks!

I’m a collector of cookbooks. I adore them. Yet, I found I rarely cooked from them, so this month I set my intention to cook one meal a week from a cookbook. So far, it’s been fabulous! A few of my favorites:

Cravings by Chrissy Tiegan. This is new, and I’m obsessed. It’s hilarious and full of deliciousness. This was my first meal from it (with some creative license adding black beans and avocado, because…why not?). Her cookbook is full of delicious recipes, and is hilarious. It’s worth actually reading it!

My take on Chrissy Tiegan’s Scallops with Warm Corn Salad

Runner’s World Cookbook from Rodale. This is a standard in my house. I have several favorite meal prep meals from this. They’re hearty, they’re healthy, and they’re perfect for  pre and post-workout. Here’s the incredible Penne with Turkey Feta Meatballs I made a few weeks ago. The best part of my go-to meals from this is that they freeze really well, so I can make enough to fill my freezer, and have last minute healthy meals ready to go. 

Penne with Turkey Feta Meatballs with a glass of V Sattui Zinfendel

My newest addition is Feed Zone Table. I attended a launch party event at Fleet Feet Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and go to meet Dr. Allen Lim, the author and founder & CEO of Skratch Labs. He is an incredible story teller, and the story of why he writes cookbooks and how he created Skratch is incredibly inspiring and motivating. I made Toasted Chickpeas with Summer a vegetables last weekend for dinner with some scallops (and I used Chrissy Tiegan’s technique again) and it was delicious! 

Toasted Chickpeas with Summer Veggies and a V Sattui Reisling


All three are on sale on Amazon right now, go get them, you won’t be disappointed. 

*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, and I have purchased each of these cookbooks on my own. I receive no compensation if you purchase from Amazon. 

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