Foreshadowing at its worst

I went to the American Cancer Society Discovery Ball in Chicago last night with folks from work. 
I love ACS because I have lost my Nana and Nampie both to cancer, and they out a ton of dollars into research (hence the Discovery Ball). I didn’t hesitate to  bid on some great silent auction items, and won 3 of them! 
My work people all left, and I stuck around to enjoy the band, get some dancing in, and pick up my winnings. Before they left, one of the couples grabbed a fresh bottle of wine for me, which led to this post:

I drank about 2 sips from this before hitting the dance floor. I found other ladies getting their groove on and had fun. Until Footloose came on, and I attempted the dance in 4 inch platform heels.
I quickly crashed, feeling a sharp, agony filled pain. I sat down, chugged the last of my champagne, and headed for the check out to get my goods. A lovely guy helped me to my cab with it all, then the doorman helped me into my building with it all.
I quickly changed out of my ball skirt and top. 

I hobbled downstairs and to a cab, and headed to the ER. I do not use ERs. I hate them for a number of reasons, but I just knew my foot was broken. So off I went to Northwestern (which is the closest and is in my preferred network) and got x-rays within a few minutes. 

The x-Ray tech told me immediate it was broken without question. And then I sat for 2 hours in a wheelchair next to a phone charging station and watched a terrible movie on TBS after Angie TriBeCa was over (hilarious show, BTW). 
Finally, I went back. The doctor and he resident came in, confirmed its broken, and notes that it’s a special break. 

  1. It’s rare that I broke what I did, how I did. Usually a person would have snapped their ankle, but due to my ankle issues as a teenager, my ligaments were loose enough that it just crumbled and snapped my 5th metatarsal in 3 places.
  2. This break could have been close to my toe, and simple. Instead it’s further up, and broke in 3 places, which means if it doesn’t start to heal right quickly I’ll need surgery to fix it. 
  3. It’s called a Dancer’s break, and I did it dancing. Almost funny. Also my only pain relief options are tylenol  and opioids because clinical studies have shown ibuprofen and naproxen can stop bone regeneration which could mean surgery. So I’ll either be high or in massive pain. 

So if you see me, and I look sad, or annoyed, or angry. The above pretty well describes it! 


6 thoughts on “Foreshadowing at its worst

  1. I hope you feel better soon! My mom just recently had a car accident and broke her wrist in a few places.

    It may be worth it to just have the narcotics for a bit! It sucks but there’s no need to be in pain 😦

    I hope you heal quickly!

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