How often do you make goals? 

Last week, I started putting my goals on FB each morning as a way to stay accountable. 

As the days passed, I found myself being more comfortable if I did not meet every goal.  I was happy to be making better choices, and have something to reach for each and every day. 

So, oddly, the goal was really having the goal, something to reach for, rather than attain all of them. Does that make the goals any less important? I don’t think so, because the bigger goals behind these daily goals take time, and require choices each and every day that move me forward.  
Goals don’t always have to be these big achievements or big changes, they can be a lot of little things that add up! 

How often do you set goals?

How do you handle not reaching a goal?

What’s a goal you’re working on right now?

Share your thoughts!

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