What I’m Loving This Month – May 2016

This month has been a strange combo of winter and full-on summer here in Chicago, and even though I’m resigned to no weight on my left foot for yet another 4 weeks (bringing the total at that point to 12 weeks) I am excited for summer. 

Camp Mix Honey Cinnamon

This stuff is like crack for coffee. Granulated honey with cinnamon = pure happiness. Their original is also amazing on basically everything that’s not sweet. 

My Herschel Settlement Backpack

I am not a backpack person. Big, supple leather bags, that’s my thing. Until I realized I’d be on one foot for months. I found a cute, functional pack that I have grown to love. It fits a surprising amount, it’s pretty comfortable, and is totally reasonable in price (also available on Amazon.com).
Cole Haan ZeroGrand Perforated Trainers

I’m sure the left one fits nicely, too

These babies are my new go-to shoe. They are comfy, they are cute, and will perfect to walk around the city with when I’m back on both feet. 
The West Wing

After this season’s shows ended, I was left with a big gap of time to fill while sitting on the couch. Given the craziness  of this election season, and being a recovering political junkie (poli sci major and 4 years as a policy analyst in DC) I decided to re-watch what is arguably the best television show in history. I had forgotten so many plot lines, and have been amazed at how much is applicable to today’s election circus. If you’ve never watched it, go watch a few episodes. It’s on Netflix!
What are you loving this month?

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