How to celebrate National Running Day if you can’t run

As a runner, National Running Day is one of my favorite made up holidays. This year, I know I’m not alone when I want to shut down social media on June 1st because this year, I can’t run. 

What’s a runner to do?

Serve water, beer or post-run snacks at your local running club. If you’re a runner who isn’t running, I’m betting you miss runners! Spend time with them by volunteering. It usually means a local running store employee can run instead of watching gear, too. 
Bike along 

If you’re like me, the only way I’m holding front of the pack, it’s if I’m on wheels and everyone else is not. Offer to pace or just help someone by biking alongside them or a group. 
Swim, row or bike it

If you can cross-train, choose a popular race distance and turn it into a doable distance. Swim 13 laps, row 5k, bike 10 miles. Think about how much faster you’ll hit those numbers!
PR it

If even swimming, biking or rowing it out, like it is for me, choose a PR time and do a workout of your choice for that amount of time.  Whether yoga, Pilates, boxing, or lifting weights, using your PR time will keep you connected with your running, even if you’re sidelined. 
What are you doing to celebrate National Running Day this year?

Share your thoughts!

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