Planning for Success: A Few of my Tips

I am spending part of my Sunday planning out my week so that I can stay focused on a goal I’ve set for the summer. How am I planning? 
Writing. It. Down. 

My best chance of success is to go old fashioned: writing out my goals and my plans for the week. This means writing out my workouts, my meals, my snacks, and in trying out a new method, every half hour of my day accounting for down time, work time, and everything in between. I started using the Best SELF journal and using their method of reaching goals. I’ll keep you updated on how I like it over the next 13 weeks (you choose one goal to focus on for that time period). 

Using a Guide

Knowing that I’ll enjoy a few too many unhealthy things while I’m in Maine, I’m starting my week doing the 3 Day Refresh again. It’s been a while since I’ve done it, and I could use a guided way to stick to healthy eats, short workouts, and hydrating. While I’m hoping to jumpstart weight loss a bit, my bigger reason for doing it this time around is to have a guide to keep me on track. Structure makes me more likely to succeed. 
Don’t Overdo It.

Part of planning everything out is to not just keep me on track, but to also keep me from going too big too fast. I have a tendency to take things full throttle, burn out, and give up. By planning everything out, I’m structured enough to stay busy but also structured enough to not have time to just spend an extra hour at the gym. And let’s be honest, once I get clearance to walk, I’m going to need to use my FitBit to limit my steps not set goals 🙂

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