As much as I remember cursing the mornings where I slept a little too late, and headed out the door for a double digit run in 80 degree heat, I can’t help but wake up and have my heart broken. Every morning with bright sunshine coming up over Lake Michigan my heart longs to be pumping hard with music driving it forward. 
My eyes well up with every swipe through Twitter or Instagram as I see people running after their dreams. Sweaty, red faces full of exhaustion and happiness remind me that I won’t get to run along the lakefront this summer. 
 Today marks 11 weeks since I first felt my foot snap, and a normal break would have had me back to walking 3-5 weeks ago. As my doctor told me that first night (er, early morning)   in the ER, my break wasn’t normal. As it turns out, my healing isn’t either. So here I sit, looking longingly at the lakefront from my balcony and at everyone’s good, bad and sweaty summer runs. 

FOMO, it’s real. 

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