What I’m Loving This Month: July 2016

This has been a month of weird setbacks, disappointment, and getting my head out of my a$$.
For those who follow me on social media, you may know that I had a pretty bad fall a few weeks ago that, it turns out, broke some of the new bone growth in my foot. After definitely popping up on an insurance high utilizer list, I had an X-Ray and an MRI on the same day. A few days lasted my doctor called to tell me I had, in fact damaged new bone, and I had stress reactions (precursors to fractures) in the 3rd and 4 path metatarsals which explains the pain further into my foot, and means this break was absolutely ridiculous. 
So what am I loving this month?
Northwestern Medicine

NWM is in my insurance network and is the closest hospital to my apartment. So when I initially broke my foot I headed there for X-rays. My now doctor was orthopedic on call that night, and I adore him. He’s followed my asks from day 1, he or his nurse answer me quickly when I email with issues or questions (because basically every time I fall I message them) and getting appointments are more of an issue on my end than his. I also got in same day, after work (an 8 pm appointment) for an MRI. 
Has my recovery take a crazy long time? Yes. Is it my doctor’s fault? No. I said from day 1 I did not want surgery unless I wouldn’t be able to run again if I didn’t. He offered it up to me each visit, and when I asked if he would do it,his answer consistently was, no. After several rough falls on my foot, he reminded me that and my body were working against me, and if I’d chosen surgery 4 months ago I could be worse off because I might have dislodged screws and needed to reopen it. 
So I’m in a hard cast for 31 days and we think this will get me to a walking boot. If you pray, please pray this works! 

Why not bright pink?

My Friends 

To everyone who has messaged, texted, called, sent gifts, cards & flowers: Thank You! You all have helped me get through some very dark days. I feel like I’ve turned a corner and am ready to move forward, and could not do it without all of you!
Whatever’s Next

As much as I know I’ve got a VERY long way too before I’m back to normal, I’m kind of excited to try some new things as I rehab. In the last week I’ve gotten back to my upper body & core workouts, and figure my arms will be cut when I’m back to walking. 

I’m excited to buy a bike and hit the lakefront to ride. I’m excited to do yoga a few times a week to get my body balanced again. Ropes & Rowers at Equinox will be my go-to until I can run again. 
And I’m weirdly excited to learn to run again. I know more this time around than when I started running almost 8 years ago, and since I’ll need to cross-train a ton more, I’m hoping speed improvement comes along with it. Maybe?! 
I’ve got my sights set on running the 40th running of Chicago in 2017. Every drop of sweat until then moves me a little closer.

2015 Chicago Marathon

4 thoughts on “What I’m Loving This Month: July 2016

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    Sending you all the good thoughts and healing prayers. Seriously. I know how difficult this has been for you and I pray that it is over soon. ❤️

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