Hopes & Expectations

In less than a week I go back to my Orthopedic doc, my awesome pink cast comes off, and if everything has gone right, I will be back in the boot, and walking. 

I’m scared to say that out loud. Really scared. Every 4 weeks since April, I’ve gone into clinic and every time I’ve left disappointed. I’ve come a long way in my acceptance of this injury, but it’s time. It’s time to get back to life. 
But, I’m also being smart. I’m going in with tempered expectations. My main goal is to be out of the hard cast for good. Anything beyond that will be a bonus. The idea of getting to sleep without having my right leg scratched by plaster, or bathing without a bag up to my knee is like a dream. 
So, this week I’ll be focused on positivity so that no matter what happens, I’ll be prepared. 

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