Don’t Call it a Comeback

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about what makes me happiest, healthiest, and most effective with my time. While there’s not a single, or simple answer, my mind, and my heart, quickly said “what about bringing the blog back?”. So I asked the question on Insta, and the world said: “yep, this is a good idea”. While I began to get really excited about the prospect, I also started to get a little anxious thinking about all that comes with blogging, and knew that I couldn’t turn this into a second job. Instead, I wanted a creative outlet to share my continued journey in life, and want it to be something that excites me, rather than adds stress, or feels like a chore, and something that others will enjoy, too!


I began to work through what I wanted from it and what I didn’t. A few things became apparent:

  •  I will not over-commit to writing more than I believe that I can in a given week on top of work, trying to have a life outside of work, and training. This can’t be a source of stress for me, but instead a creative outlet; a place to share my journey with people, whatever that might be. My goal will be one post a week, likely on Sunday, although if I find myself with time or ideas, I may add some extra posts. 

  • I am not in this for stuff, or to try to create additional income. I applaud bloggers who have found a way to do this AND hold a full time job, and have a family, but that is not me. I don’t want to be an ambassador of anything. I don’t want to have paid ads or sponsored posts. This is my space, and I plan to keep it that way, although I will share things that I love regularly, but it will be because I love them. 

  • I want feedback and input to make it useful for others, while serving as an outlet for me. Send me your ideas and questions! Interact with me on Twitter or Insta. I’m not going back to my blog specific accounts, and I will not be flooding social media with my blog related posts, but I will use them to continue to highlight things that I love, and my journey. 

I toyed with the idea of changing the name, but am really attached to this one. It’s part of what pulled me from a really dark place almost 6 years ago, but like my own evolution in that time, decided to evolve it’s meaning. Same name, new vision.

Run – I’m still a runner, and plan to share that continuous journey. Whether base building, training for a race, or my experience using a coach, my journey as a slow runner trying to get faster is full of twists and turns, and want to share each one. Or at least the important ones!

Stretch – A big part of my life over the last 6 years has been evolving from a fixed to a growth mindset; I’ve dedicated time to learning and pushing myself to change. Together with another big part of me, my career, sharing my work/life integration journey will be a big part of this revival.

Go – My wanderlust has grown, and between fun travel and work travel, I’m on the go a lot, and often solo. That last part makes a lot of people uncomfortable, or leads them to believe that I must be lonely. While I love spending time with the people I love, I’m an introvert, and relish time to reflect and refresh alone, which is weird to a lot of people, and I’m okay with it. I plan to share travel stories, experiences, and maybe some tips I’ve learned over the years.

Run. Stretch. Go.

And so it begins… again.

Share your thoughts!

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