I don’t do Resolutions

For years as a teenager, and well into my 30s, I made resolutions, sometimes actual goals, but usually, ideas of things I wanted to do that year. I found it amusing each year to say that I’d go another year without picking up smoking as a habit. I’m happy to report, I’ve made it 38 years with that one still being true. Somewhere, I’m pretty sure I still have the journal from my Senior year of high school that included things like: Get into UCLA and Stanford (did not get into either for undergrad), and win States (we placed 3rd, and missed runner up by something ridiculous like .015 points). Not having actions aligned with these things did not do me any favors in accomplishing them, although I did try to convince my mom to move to CA so I would have a better chance of getting into UCLA. Did not happen.

A little inspiration for our vision boards

These days, I focus on what I want to bring into and get out of the year. Mantras, intentions, key words, and focused goals that have action plans built out for them. Adding to this year’s fun, I’m hosting a Goals party for our local Oiselle team, where we’re creating vision boards, and drinking mimosas, as all good goal setting parties should!

My 2019 Mantra

This popped up on Instragram recently, and it called so loud to me, I could not forget it. It’s the best of making some big (and small) decisions about life, but isn’t additive. I add too much to life, it’s time to start focusing on what isn’t important, so I’ve got more energy, time, mindspace to deal with the things that are.

My 2019 Intentions


A few of my goals

This is not my PR face, but it’s the closest I’ve had in years.

I’m not going to share everything I’m planning for this year so far, but two of them I want out in the world to hold me accountable!

Spend more time with my people. Make it a priority. This is my Michelle Obama goal. In her book (which I highly recommend), she talked about having these forced girls weekends at Camp David. They were active, and bonded, and drank a lot of wine. She let her friends know that she needed them, and that she was going to be pushy about it. While I may not be pushy about it, I’m going to make sure I get time with the people that matter to me.

Set new 10k and 5k PRs. I started working with a coach last fall (more to come on this in a separate post), and I’ve been making good progress, but I need to be prepared to do the hard work to make these happen. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to mean not doing other stuff sometimes, and I am making that commitment now.

Setting goals, or intentions, or having mantras may not be for everyone, but I love the structure of working through my priorities, laying out the things that have held me back in the past, and setting actions up against breaking those down. It works for me, even if it isn’t your thing. That’s why the world works, we all find what works for us, and do it.

Do you have any goals or intentions this year?

How do you make adult friendships work, especially if you’re not geographically close? This is like a unicorn to me, and I’d love to hear how others make it work!

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