What I’m Loving: January 2019

This monthly post always one of my favorites to write, because it gave me an opportunity to share the things I’ve been obsessed with all month. It’s a random assortment of things that may not be all that new, but I love them, and want to share them in case you’re looking for something new!

Miir Mugs and Bottles

Cold water and coffee got me through 4 days of fever over the holidays

Over the last year, I’ve collected 4 mugs and a water bottle from Miir, all from Oiselle. I adore them because they are full of inspiration, memories, and most of all, they keep coffee hot, and water cold! My “Born & Raced” water bottle reminds me of one of the most epic girls weekends in Seattle every time I use it. But I love even more that my water is still cold when I get home from work even though I filled it up before I left for work.

On Running Shoes

These shoes have made my comeback comfier!

When I began my recovery from my 4th fracture in 18 months, I picked up a pair of Cloudflows at my local running store. They quickly became my favorite running shoes, and I now own 4 pair of Ons. The Cloudflows are my go-tos, but I grabbed a pair of Clouds (the OG Ons) as another option with a little different feel to work my feet and ankles differently. I also recently got a pair of the Waterproof Clouds, which worked well until my compression socks got so wet above my foot that the water settled into my shoes. I have really high arches, which are problematic in basically every running shoe known to man, but tying my laces differently has made the all difference, and opened up my shoe world to happiness.

Yuyo Botanics

Magic salve? Probably.

I started getting my nails done at Poppy & Monroe, a local eco-spa which focuses on using products that are free of toxins, and are healthy for your skin and body. They have a big section in their shop area dedicated to Yuyo Botanics, and I finally decided to give a couple of products a try last month, and am in love. I use the PM Formula before bed, and on the nights I use it, I notice a difference in the quality of my sleep. Why I don’t use it every night? Mostly travel, but I also tend not to use it if I’ve had wine, for no other reason than I don’t know how my body would react. Earlier this year, I picked up their Tumeric Salve and have used it a few times on some trouble areas (ahem, plantar fascia when it gets tight) and it solves the issue overnight. Is it magical? Maybe, but I also roll it out just to be safe. Either way, I’m a believer.

I am not an ambassador for any of these products, and pay for all of them with my own money. I just love them, and want to share that love!

What are you loving this month?
What’s something you wish you had known about earlier?
Favorite running shoe these days?

Share your thoughts!

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